Grow with 半岛

The competition among modern enterprises is essentially the competition of products, science and technology, and ultimately the competition of our young talents’ creativity and aspiration.

Vmax sincerely treat our employees and partners, and insists the value of respecting, understanding and cultivating our young talents. We had developed a mechanism from recruiting to cultivating as well as corporation self-regulating practice. By improving the management level of human resources and digging out staff potential, can we actively attract talents externally so well as optimize our team structure and human resources allocation.

We continue to refine the training and management system to commit excellent performance. By developing employees & managers’ skills and ability we can strive to provide an "Open & Fair" working environment and platform. We are working on reaching employees and enterprise’s consensus in developing mutual benefit. 半岛 wish to make our junior workers become excellent workers, senior manager become outstanding manager, every dreamer is warmly welcome here to build up their own maze.

Give all our respect to our talents and would like to share every opportunity to our employee to make a better future

We want to aspire every potential by developing our team with a unique learning style.

Share our bright future with our employee, from our people for our people

Foster an excellent enterprise culture.

Salary and benefits
  • Salary

    Industry competitive salary
  • Five social insurance and one housing fund

    Five social insurance and one housing fund and commercial insurance will be purchased for employees upon entry (medical insurance with registered residence in Shenzhen will be purchased upon entry)
  • Regular health check

    Provide free VIP medical examination for employees every year
  • Holiday gift

    Deliver holiday gifts on major festivals every year
  • Deal with Hukou

    Free of charge for qualified employees to settle down at Shenzhen or Shanghai, and assist with the relevant government subsidies for talents
  • Team building

    Unscheduled group building activities: travel, birthday party, dinner; Weekly fixed badminton, basketball, football and other activities
  • Long holidays

    About 10 days of Spring Festival holiday every year
  • Daily welfare

    Birthday gifts, afternoon tea, free coffee, etc