Multiplexed Drive System Unit

半岛 Multiplexed Drive System Unit, equipped with a new generation of multi-core micro-control processor, integrated high-performance computing capabilities, based on AUTOSAR software platform and functional safety design, to achieve OBC, DCDC, MCU, VCU, BMS integrated into the power domain multi-functional software collaborative control, with Ethernet transmission, vehicle OTA intelligent upgrade, and network information security protection and other product advantages.

The system can realize multiple functions such as vehicle control, motor drive, low-voltage power supply, high-voltage energy shunt, AC high-power (42kw) charging, etc., to meet the application needs of different scenarios of vehicles, with a high degree of integration, high efficiency and low cost, which can bring benefits to customers in many aspects such as function expansion, vehicle integration, light weight and cost control.


• New generation microprocessor chip platform to meet the ASIL D level functional safety requirements of the whole vehicle.

• Application of SiC power module, drive system efficiency up to ≥ 92%.

• High-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor based on stator flat-wire design, high power density and high torque density.

• Isolated single- and three-phase AC charging design, supporting 22kW charging power and compatible with single-phase 6.6kW charging function.

• Integrated 2.5kW DC/DC power module with efficiency up to ≥94%.

Product specifications

• Voltage platform: 400V / 800V

• Peak Power: 90KW ~ 200KW

• AC charging power: 22KW / 11KW / 7KW

• DC/DC output power: 2.5KW

• Product weight: 77KG ~ 95KG

•Product volume: 73L ~ 85L

• Cooling method: Water-cooled

• Functional safety: ASIL C

• Peak efficiency of electric drive system: ≥ 92%

• Efficiency over 85% of the interval: ≥ 80%

• AC charging system peak efficiency: 94% @22KW(3 phase)

• DC/DC peak efficiency: ≥ 94%

• Electronic parking: optional

• Gear ratio: 9.07 / 10.04 / 11.84

• Power distribution unit: optional