3-IN-1 CCU(400V)

The product integrates the traditional 6.6KW bi-directional OBC, 2.5KW DC\DC and PDU with high power density at system level.

The system core patent-magnetic integration technology innovatively integrates the primary winding, high-voltage winding and low-voltage Busbar of the product at the system level, together with the advanced patented 3D waterway design, which makes the product achieve ultra-high power density.

30% volume reduction, 25% weight reduction and more than 25% cost reduction compared to traditional physical integration solutions.

The OBC function converts AC power for high-voltage battery charging and low-voltage system power supply during charging, with freely distributable output power.

The DC\DC function converts power battery high-voltage power to low-voltage power for powering the low-voltage system of the whole vehicle.

The DC\AC function is applied to V2V and V2L scenarios, which can also supply power to the low-voltage system of the whole vehicle when working.

The product integrates PDU function, which makes the installation layout of the whole vehicle convenient and beautiful.


• Patented magnetic integration design, ultra-high power density integration of 3 functions: BOBC (OBC\DCAC), DCDC.

• Die-casting one-piece molding, patented 3D waterway design, optimal to meet the heat dissipation.

• OBC mode high and low voltage output power free distribution, to meet the needs of different applications of the whole vehicle.

• DCAC mode maximum output power 6.6kVA, can simulate CP output, compatible with V2V and V2L applications.

• Low-voltage signal terminals reserved for multiple interfaces, flexible configuration of the whole vehicle system demand signal.

• Internal integrated PDU with its own 40A insurance.

• Full DSP digital control, flexible customized maintenance, all software can be upgraded online.

• Standard CAN2.0B design, customizable charging strategy according to demand, compatible with national standard and enterprise standard charging requirements.

Product specifications

OBC Mode

• Rated output power :6.6kW

• AC voltage :85Vac ~ 265Vac

• AC input frequency :45Hz ~ 65Hz

• Max AC current :32A

• HV voltage :250Vdc ~ 460Vdc

• Max HV current :22A

• Power factor :    ≥ 0.99

• Max efficiency : ≥ 94%


• Rated output power :2.5kW

• HV voltage :250Vdc ~ 460Vdc

• Max HV current :15A

• LV voltage :9Vdc ~ 16Vdc

• Max LV current :180A

• Max effiiciency: ≥ 92%


• Rated output power :6.6kVA

• HV voltage :300Vdc ~ 460Vdc

• AC voltage :220Vac

• Max AC current :32A

• Max efficiency:  ≥ 93%


• Operation temperature : -40°C ~ 85°C

• Cooling :Liquid

• Weight : 7.3KG

• Volume L*W*H : 321 * 227 * 79mm

• Protection level : IP67