2-IN-1 CCU(800V)

半岛 two-in-one vehicle charging system high-voltage platform, integrated the traditional 6.6KW bi-directional OBC, 2.5KW DC\DC at system level with high power density.

Using magnetic integration technology solution to innovatively integrate the product's primary side winding, high voltage winding and low voltage Busbar at the system level.

The OBC function converts AC power for high-voltage battery charging and low-voltage system power supply during charging, with freely distributable output power.

The DCDC function converts power battery high-voltage power to low-voltage power for powering the entire vehicle's low-voltage system.

Advanced 3D waterway heat dissipation design makes the product volume effectively controlled and easy for flexible installation in the whole vehicle.


• Patented magnetic integration design, ultra-high power density integration of 3 functions: BOBC (OBC \ DCAC), DCDC.

• Body die-casting one-piece molding, patented 3D waterway design, optimal to meet the heat dissipation.

• OBC mode high and low voltage output power free distribution, to meet the needs of different applications of the whole vehicle.

• 6.6kVA DCAC in DCDC mode can be started quickly within 2s.

• Low-voltage signal terminals reserved for multiple interfaces, flexible configuration of the whole vehicle system demand signals.

• Full DSP digital control, flexible customized maintenance, all software can be upgraded online

• Standard CAN2.0B design, can be customized according to the needs of vehicle enterprises charging strategy, compatible with the national standard and enterprise standard charging requirements.

Product specifications

OBC Mode

• Rated output power :6.6kW

• AC voltage :85Vac ~ 265Vac

• AC input frequency:45Hz ~ 65Hz

• Max AC current :32A

• HV voltage :550Vdc ~ 850Vdc

• Max HV current :12A

• Power factor :     ≥ 0.99

• Max efficiency :   ≥ 94%


• Rated output power :2.5kW

• HV voltage:550Vdc ~ 850Vdc

• Max HV current :5.5A

• LV voltage : 9Vdc ~ 16Vdc

• Max LV current : 178A

• Max efficiency:        ≥ 92%


• Rated output power :3.3kVA

• HV voltage :550Vdc ~ 850Vdc

• AC voltage :220Vac

• Max AC current :16A

• Max efficiency:   ≥ 93%


• Operation temperature : -40°C ~ 85°C

• Cooling :Liquid

• Weight : 5.0KG

• Volume L*W*H: 279 * 202 * 68mm

• Protection level : IP67