OBC(On-Board Charger)

OBC (On-Board Charger) is a component installed in new energy electric vehicles, which converts the AC power output from AC charging pile into high-voltage DC power to charge the high-voltage power battery of the vehicle.

半岛 started to develop OBC products of various specifications at the beginning of the company, and has accumulated rich experience related to onboard charging, and the corresponding products have been used in a large number of new energy vehicles of major domestic car manufacturers (SAIC, Geely, Chery, Changan, etc.).


●Adopting advanced digital high-frequency switching control technology, high power density, easy to adapt to the whole vehicle installation.

●One-piece die-casting and patented 3D waterway design for optimal heat dissipation.

●Low-voltage signal terminals are reserved for multiple interfaces, which can be flexibly configured to meet the needs of the whole vehicle system.

●Wide range of output voltage from 230Vdc to 450Vdc for flexible adaptation to different vehicle models.

● High safety electrical isolation of input and output, and the relevant level meets the requirements of automotive standards.

● Meeting the requirements of automotive-grade electromagnetic compatibility.

● Perfect abnormal protection function in charging process, safe and reliable.

●Standard CAN 2.0B interface design, supporting standard UDS diagnosis development.

●All software can be upgraded online, and the charging strategy can be customized and adjusted according to the needs of the whole vehicle, with flexible debugging and updating.

Product specifications

• Dimension L*W*H :   279 * 202 * 68mm

• Rated output power :6.6kW

• AC Input voltage :85Vac ~ 265Vac

• AC input frequency :45Hz ~ 65Hz

• Max AC current :32A

• Output voltage :230Vdc ~ 450Vdc

• Max output current :22A

• Power factor :  ≥ 0.99

• Max efficiency :   ≥ 94%

• Quiescent current :   < 300uA

• Operation temperature : -40°C ~ 85°C

• Cooling :      Liquid

• Weight :      4.7KG

• Volume :      3.8L

• Protection level :    IP67