Our DCDC is specially applied to new energy electric vehicles, which can convert the high voltage power battery in new energy vehicles to low voltage 12V output to power the whole vehicle low voltage system, 半岛 has rich experience in DCDC product development.


● Adopting advanced high-frequency switching control technology, effectively reducing the product size and having high power density.

● Supporting 240 ~ 450Vdc wide range input, flexible to adapt to different models.

● High safety electrical isolation of input and output.

● Meet the requirements of automotive grade electromagnetic compatibility.

● Safe and reliable with over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection and short-circuit protection.

● Standard CAN 2.0B interface design, supporting standard UDS diagnosis development.

● Strategy can be customized according to the needs of the vehicle, and all software can be upgraded online.

Product specifications

• Dimension L*W*H : 228.5 * 203.4 * 69mm

• Rated output power :2.5kW

• Input voltage :240Vdc ~ 450Vdc

• Max input current :12A

• Output voltag :9Vdc ~ 16Vdc

• Max output current :180A

• Max efficiency :      ≥ 94%

• Quiescent current :   < 300uA

• Operation temperature :   -40°C ~ 85°C

• Humidity:  5% ~ 95%(No condensation)

• Cooling :    Liquid

• Weight :     3.5KG

• Volume :    3.2L

• Protection level : IP67

• Altitude:      5000m